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VIDEO: Red Dot Campaign

By 17th May 2017June 26th, 20204 Comments


  • Shruti reddy says:

    I am an architecture student … I would like to know more about this organisation.. want to learn different waste management techniques and would also like to work as a volunteer … What is the procedure?

  • Maria says:

    This video makes periods look like they are something disgusting, dirty and even harmful for others! Instead of shaming women, try to implement a garbage disposal system that works – like in my home country Germany. I am a fan of the idea of your company, but the red dot approach is not acceptable and I hope the red dot video will be taken down or changed soon! Also, women have to pay a large amount on hygiene products already… If you really want to make a difference, sell reusable and washable pads or menstrual cups.

  • Madhumita says:

    I stay at Karve Road. I have two years baby. I am looking to dispose my baby diaper waste and do my bit to environment. Will be happy to get help from Swach.


    What happens to the Segregated waste. what is the type of waste left over post sagregation, and where it is disposed.

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