SWaCH (Solid Waste Collection and Handling or, officially, SWaCH Seva Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit, Pune) is India’s first wholly-owned cooperative of self-employed waste pickers or waste collectors and other urban poor.


It is an autonomous enterprise that provides front-end waste management services to the citizens of Pune.


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  • Coverage, Integration and Recycling
  • Financial Savings of PMC
  • Handling and Recycling of Waste
  • Impact of Recycling

Increase in Coverage, Integration and Recycling

In the course of 2016, under the new contract, SWaCH was able to increase its existing coverage by over 50% of the households serviced, by integrating 40% more waste-pickers.

Month January 2016 December 2016
Household covered daily 3,47,193 5,40,732
Total waste handled 555 TPD 865 TPD
Diverted to Recycling 100 TPD 170 TPD
Waste-pickers integrated 2020 2688

Impact of SWaCH Waste-Pickers

Like every year, in 2016, the work done by SWaCH waste-pickers had an astounding impact on the Environmental and Financial well-being of the city.

Financial Savings of PMC

The collection of waste from Door to Door through integrated SWaCH waste-pickers is estimated to have saved the PMC more than 51 Cr in 2016

Labour / Manpower 45 Cr +
Transportation and Processing 6 Cr +
Environmental Impact Benefits Unquantifiable

Handling and Recycling of Waste

The collection of waste from Door to Door through integrated SWaCH waste-pickers is estimated to have saved the PMC more than 51 Cr in 2016

HANDLED(Metric Ton)   RECYCLED (Metric Ton)
Total Waste Handled 2,57,000   Paper 13,000
Wet Waste 1,80,000   Plastic 13000
Dry Waste 77,000   Metal 1000
Diverted to Recycling 50,000   Glass 7000
Sanitary Waste Handled 7,700   Other Materials 5000

Impact of Recycling By Swach Waste-Pickers In 2016*

By recycling over 50,000 Tons of Waste in 2016, SWaCH waste-pickers have directly contributed towards reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change mitigation:

Environmental Conservation Impact
Trees Saved by Recycling of Paper 3,50,000 Trees (35' Tall)
Green House Gas Emissions Reduced (Metric Tons Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) 130,000 MTCO2E
Equivalent in Petrol consumption avoided 5,50,00,000 Litres
Equivalent in Carbon Sequestered 33,00,000 seedlings grown for 10 years

*All calculations are based on the US EPA's WARM model accounting for various types of waste generated in the City and sent for recycling by SWaCH waste-pickers.

Of course, there are many un-quantifiable impacts which are not considered here, such as the cost of avoided land use for landfilling, long term benefits of decreased Green House Gas Emissions and Climate Change Mitigation and the mitigation of negative impact on the health of residents of Uruli

SwaCH specialises in waste management services
Door-to- door collection (DTDC)
De-cluttering with V collect
Safe disposal of E waste
ST dispo-bags and diaper labels for sanitary waste
Composting services with expert inputs


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INDO-SAN Award from the by the Ministry of Urban Development New Delhi. 2016.     Safaigiri Garbage Guru Award from India Today 2016.     SKOCH Order of Merit to PMC for integrating the informal sector in Municipal waste. 2013.     Maharashtra Pradushan Mandal - Short film award 2013.     ICON SWM Award for excellence in SWM 2012​.     JCB CLEAN EARTH Awarded to both PMC and SWaCH.     ​Hirakani Award to Suman More from Doordarshan 2016.     IIMM award Unsung heroes 2016.    ​ The Citi Micro Enterprise Awards 2013 in two categories 'Best Community Micro Enterprise of the Year' and 'Best Urban Micro Enterprise of the Year'.


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