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Become a SWaCH Sathi

Help solve the problems that Climate Change heroes in your city face.

The SWaCH Sathi Program

This program seeks to boost the effort of the invisible environmentalists of our city who work efficiently towards reducing the size of landfills, impacting climate change and the environment.

A SWaCH waste picker in Pune handles over 300 kgs of waste everyday. She enables recycling of over 14,000 kgs of dry waste and helps recycle over 76000 kgs. of organic waste per annum. Saves every city household over 1200 Rupees a year.

They face a unique set of challenges that can easily be resolved through collaboration with the citizens, the other stakeholders in the system they work within.

“SWaCH Sathi” program enables a connection between the citizen and the waste picker and could resolve some very simple issues like –

  1. Access to common taps in your society for waste pickers for washing hands.
  2. Access to common toilets in the society or neighborhood for the waste pickers.
  3. Access to drinking water.

We can help resolve these small issues.
If each one can just reach one.
Become a SATHI to just one local waste picker.
We can make a difference.

How It Works