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Door to door collection of waste is an important service offered by SWaCH to Pune’s citizens. SWaCH also offers other products, programmes and services through SWaCH Plus, which aims to involve citizens in recycling and sustainable living. You can read more about them here :




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SWaCH Composter

  The SWaCH Composter is a convenient three-tier terracotta composter that is as good to look at as it is easy to use! We provide it in a ready-to-use kit – all you have to do is follow the instructions and add your household waste.

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Read a citizen's testimonial :

‘Easy to use and effective!’ – Dr Kalpana Baliwant, Zonal Medical Officer, PMC

For the past 6 months, Dr Kalpana has been using the SWaCH Composter to deal with the wet waste generated in her 4-person household. Not a scrap of biodegradable waste from her home goes for collection, she says.

‘It’s easy to use the Composter and we have had no problems at all.  My sons ensure that our food waste (vegetable peels and trimmings, left-overs, fish bones, etc.) is all put into the composter. We add the EM solution and aerate it once in a while. When the top container is full, you have to switch its place. That’s all. I want to stress that my sons and husband look after the composter – because we tend to think that everything to do with kachra and waste is a woman’s job! My job is to use the ready compost in my 38 potted plants! So the composter makes it easy to involve the whole family.’

When asked whether there were any problems using the SWaCH composter, Dr Kalpana says that there were maggots once during the monsoons when the waste remained soggy, but the problem was easily dealt with by sprinkling neem powder and haldi water. 

  On the initiative of Mr Jayant Bhosekar, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, a SWaCH composter has been kept on display at the Tilak Road PMC Ward Office to encourage citizens to adopt composting.
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