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Bajaj Committee Report (1995) : Report of the high-powered committee set up to look into urban SWM which brought to the fore the hazardous environmental and health effects of the current SWM system. It strongly recommended segregation and suggested that ‘Private agencies/NGOs, ragpickers or their cooperatives may be involved in primary collection of solid waste from house holds/ community bins.’


Report of the Committee Constituted by the Hon. Supreme Court of India, “Solid Waste Management in Class I Cities in India”, March 1999. (Barman Committee Report) :

The committee has made recommendations for each stage of solid waste management services and has laid down the minimum level of service the local body must provide in a given time frame.

TAG report (2005) :  This report carries recommendations on how to involve citizens in better SWM practices. Pg 93, (i) also carries a recommendation to ‘provide an arrangement for making rag pickers financially independent from the money lenders operating in the form of middlemen…who will (then) not be dependent on middlemen for funds and can then sell the reclaimed materials at the  market rates.’


National Environment Policy, 2006:  With regard to waste pickers and waste collection, this policy states Give legal recognition to, and strengthen, the informal sector systems of collection and recycling of various materials. In particular enhance their access to institutional finance and relevant technologies.’ ( Section 5.2.8 point (e) Pg 36)


Task Force on SWM Roadmap (2008) : Importantly, this task force recommended the development of a policy on managing ‘packaging waste’ with the participation of all stakeholders and sought the involvement of large-scale retailers and user industries.


The CAG Audit on Municipal Solid Waste in India (December 2008) :  This recommends (Chapter 3, Section 3.5) that ‘MOEF/ states should consider providing legal recognition to rag pickers so that recycling work becomes more organized and also ensure better working conditions for them.’


National Action Plan for Climate Change, 2009: This policy document recommends, amongst other things, energy recovery from urban waste as a key action recommendation:


SWM Parliamentary Standing Committee, Fifth report (2010) : This report says, in Recommendation 16, Para 16, point 2.15 that: ‘The Committee observe that as per guidelines given in the Manual on Municipal Solid Waste Management, 2000, the local body should provide adequate protective equipment including clothing and health check up from time to time to the staff to ensure that their health is not adversely affected on account of their handling of solid waste. Further, free medical services should be made available to those whose health is affected on account of handling of solid waste.’ It notes that this is not being complied with. This same point recognises the ‘special role’ played by rag pickers in the segregation of waste and urges that they be ‘provided with the adequate protective equipment and health checkup including other incentives like identity cards and use of public sanitation services.’

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