SWACH Management Committee

Solid waste management is a complex issue and requires coordination between all stake holders. Cities produce garbage all the time and Pune is no different. The innovative SWaCH model that makes Pune different from the rest of the world has several checks and balances to ensure it runs smoothly. It also has dedicated field staff who are on the ground everyday making sure that the system is functioning optimally. While garbage is collected from each household by self- employed waste pickers themselves, the basic unit for ease of coordination is an electoral ward or a prabhag. There are 76 such prabhags in the city which are staffed by coordinators.


Each prabhag has a coordinator who liaises between the citizens and the waste pickers as well as the PMC staff for the smooth collection and disposal of garbage. The coordinators work with the SWaCH waste pickers and liaise with the PMC staff and the citizens in order to ensure that the system runs on oiled wheels.


Any issue that escalates beyond the prabhag, affects more than one prabhag or is beyond the scope of a prabhag-coordinator is handled by a ward-coordinator. There are 15 Ward coordinators who track issues that might affect the smooth collection and disposal of waste in these wards.


On occasion the issues spill over more than one ward and in such cases the Zone-coordinator takes over. Pune Solid waste management is divided into 4 zones and there is a SWaCH Zone coordinator handling each of these zones. They ensure that the work is carried out systematically and in an orderly way.
The Operations manager of SWaCH holds all these zones together and ensures that the Solid Waste Management system works smoothly. The names and contact details of the field staff are listed here: We look forward to hearing from you.

Know more : Prabhag Coordinators | Zone Coordinators | Ward Coordinators |Management Committee Member


Sl No Name of the Management Committee Member Area of Operations Contact Details
1 Baida Babu Gaikwad Mundhva, Magarpatta City 7875446117
2 Balu Ramesh Pawar Balaji Nagar, Punyai Nagar 7875446113
3 Hausa Uttam Sasane Agakhan palace, Ramwadi,Vikrikar Bhavan 7776801768
4 Kamal Eknath Chandane Viman Nagar Road 8600474841
5 Mangal Jagannath Gaikwad Aundh, Sindh colony 8605308112
6 Mariavva Suresh Mallagi Gokhale Nagar, Janwadi, Chaturshrngi 7387965398
7 Mina Shivaji Shelke Mitha Nagar, Kondhva Khurd 7875446122
8 Raja Dhondiba Sawant Sutarwadi, Pashan 8623988479
9 Saru Sham Waghmare Model colony, Bhosle Nagar 7066032949
10 Shobha Ram Kamble Tilak Rd., Lokmanya nagar 7030901998
11 Shobha Suresh Bansode Prabhat Rd., Garvare college, Deccan 7875446119
12 Suman Mariba More Sahakar Nagar 9765405460
13 Supriya Dilip Bhadakwad Bavdhan Khurd, Ved Bhavan, Bhusari Colony 9763973985
14 Tulsa Pandurang Khavle Kondhva Budruk, NIBM 9890380498

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  Come and present your inspired ideas for how we can rethink e-waste and, in particular, spread awareness about e-waste disposal in ways that are outside traditional approaches.    
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